edo sadikovic

Edo Sadikovic

Building & improving small businesses

1. Mentor and experimental teacher on how to start a business.

2. Youth Peace Ambassador and trainer on conflict-transformation

3. Marketer

co-founded sende.co, moops, cohubiting, grow.rs, project crafters, jump
Managing partner at Impact Hub Vigo

gallego, english, castellano, portuguese, serbo-croatian

We can meet in:

Tbilisi, January 4th - 10th

Setubal, January 20th - 28th

Sicily, February 11th - 22nd

Istanbul, February 23rd - March 5th

Berlin, April 4th - May 5th

Riga, April 11th - 13th

Copenhagen, April 30th - May 2nd

Malmö, May 2nd

Belgrade, May 6-8th

Bar, May 11th - 14h

Tallin, September 6th - 9th TBC

Sende, June - December